Bath Support

Bath Support


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The ergonomic structure of the Syki bath support is adapted to perfectly cradle the baby’s body from birth up to 6 months. Its precise angle keeps the baby’s head aligned without forcing the neck, promoting proper breathing. The seat of the support allows the natural extension of the baby’s legs. Shaped perfectly for movement freedom, it helps the development of psychomotor skills and allows the baby to enjoy bath time. With both hands free, parents can teach their baby to enjoy the water. They can play, bathe and massage their little one without worry. Made of hygienic material, easy to clean and fast drying


  • Ergonomic structure adapted to perfectly cradle baby’s body
  • Precise angle maintains the baby’s head aligned with body without forcing the neck, promoting proper breathing
  • Comfortable soft touch material that is mold and mildew resistant
  • Natural extensions of baby’s legs
  • Ultra-soft part (inseam) – Does not compress genitals
  • Multiple soft head cushions and suction cups for stability
  • Can be used in baby bath, bathtub or large sink
  • 0-6 months – Max 17 lbs. / 28 inches


*Product ships direct from manufacturer.*

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