Who We Are & How We Came To Be...

Hi! I'm Bree - owner & founder of Kiwi'z Klozet! Thank you for stopping by - we're delighted you're here!
Kiwi'z Klozet began when my triplets (yep, you read that right!) were outgrowing clothing and shoes far quicker than I was even buying them. With some things bearing the tags still attached, I started selling them online & in local consignments as a way to try and recoup the money I'd spent. What began as a way to help offset expenses in our home, became a full-time job & quickly! The demand for gently (& I do mean that literally) used upscale clothing was way more than what I expected. We started out as a designer kids resale, but saw a space to fill in the boutique world & so we began expanding.
We quickly grew to more than just "pre-loved" and have been blessed to be able to partner with some of the greatest brands on the market, as well as some very unique, up & coming boutique brands! We are very proud of our humble beginnings and still offer designer resale - although in a more limited fashion. This allows us an opportunity to better serve you by widening our catalog & focusing on those boutique and designer finds you love - right along with still offering gently used items at significant savings!
As parents to multiples finding the best deal is always in the forefront, however finding quality products is just as - if not almost more important! Spending a fortune on brands that the littles will quickly outgrow or tire of just doesn't seem ideal, and its not. But, for some reason there weren't many options afforded us early on outside of the department stores that never seemed to have just what we wanted AND needed in one spot.
Let's face it - we all know that having children is quite costly, let alone having multiple children - whether the same age & size or not. Our goal is to bring you upscale finds without breaking your bank or your budget. We take great care and consideration when sourcing the brands and the products we offer and stand behind them 100%. We know that you will love them just as much as we do! So, stay awhile and browse around! Who knows, you might discover something new or even rekindle a love for a brand you've missed!
Don't hesitate to ask us a question if you need to, while you're here!
Can't wait to see what you find! 
Text, Who We Are & How We Came To Be...