Doc Nightmare

Doc Nightmare


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One of the most exquisitely fashioned members of BEASTSTOWN, this lifelike pet owl could easily be taken for the real thing. Finely marbled plumage, adorable ear tufts and soft black wing tips merge naturalism with a sense of humor.

Doc’s sky-blue felt eyes hold the wisdom and fatigue of many a decade. All in all, Doc makes a luxurious (retirement) gift and blesses us all with a whole new notion of “nightlife”.

This is Doc's story as written on his tag:

"His word carries weight. As it should. Doc Nightmare has not only been around the block a few times, he's also an extremely intelligent owl with a solid academic background. In the early 90s he made a name for himself as a psychoanalyst for traumatized stuffed animals. Having grown tired of all the sad stories he embarked on a new path and became an actor on a ghost train and now travels from village fair to village fair to give kids and grown-ups a scare – which he finds very amusing! He's just missing one thing: YOU!"

 Size: 10.6"

 Age: 12+ Years

 Material: Plush, Wadding: Polyester

 Care: Machine wash in cold cycle.

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