Wow - 2020 is here!

Kiwi'z Klozet

Posted on January 02 2020

Can you believe we're now well on our way into an entirely new decade??? We sure can't! 

2019 was by far the most interesting year. For one, Kiwi'z Klozet made its debut and for two - well... we grew! And we GREW! What started as a way to resale my kids' barely touched clothing blossomed into a full-blown place to find unique brands all the way to well-known brands! We still offer those pre-loved items you've come to expect, as well as so many undiscovered brands that deserve all the love in the world!

For 2020, we are reaching for the stars! We hope to occupy our physical space - yep a brick & mortar - before the end of the second quarter! Awesome right?!?! We hope that our local folks will continue to show us the same love they've shown here in the virtual world!

We are partnering with new up & coming designers that produce some of the best handmade items for your little ones there is and not to leave out - some of the greatest brands on the market we all know and love!

I for one can't wait to share with you all that's to come. We hope your 2020 is as prosperous and fulfilling as you desire it to be and as always - we are forever grateful for your patronage - we wouldn't be here without you!!




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